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Earn College Credits: RDDIM Accreditation

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RDDIM and Southwestern Assemblies of God University have joined forces. This partnership creates college credit opportunities for students who take RDDIM online pastoral counseling training. It's an exciting opportunity for students to learn from Dr. Dobbins from anywhere across the globe while working toward a degree from a regionally accredited university.

The partnership between RDDIM and SAGU is a natural fit which allows each organization to play to its strengths. Many people are seeking online degrees to further their careers. This partnership opens a helpful door to online degrees.

RDDIM is a leader and pioneer in the field of instructing prospective Christian counselors with comprehensive lessons. RDDIM’s curriculum will consist of 50 individual lessons for pastoral counseling training, all of which are completed entirely online.

These lessons are separated into several distinct modules, making them ideal companions or source material for lesson plans and entire accredited courses. Modules include Individual Counseling, Foundations for Living, Marriage Counseling, Special Counseling Needs and Leadership.

Each lesson includes learning material and a corresponding test, ensuring student competency before moving ahead. In addition, the lessons build from one to the next, making a natural educational progression.

Dr. Richard D. Dobbins has formulated these lessons based on 50 years of professional experience, during which time he has counseled more than 10,000 individuals hurting and in need. This amazing array of experience has enabled him to help new generations of counselors enter the field, ready to assist those who need pastoral counseling for any reason.

SAGU is a leader in offering Christian degrees in an online format, with dozens of different degrees available at the associates, bachelor's and master's levels. SAGU offers a Christian learning environment and academically and experientially qualified Christian professors. The SAGU online learning experience incorporates professorial guidance, video lectures, world-wide access, and the potential for college credit for prior experiential learning. Interested students can explore the college credit opportunities by contacting SAGU at 888-YES-SAGU or by visiting

Coming Soon - an educational institution near you

Please stay tuned for more updates in the future, as we work on securing the best partnerships and exploring the best opportunities for our students pursuing Christian counseling certification and pastoral counseling certification. Christian counselor certification must adhere to a rigorous set of guidelines which differs from other educational programs. It's not just textbook material, after all, it's much more than that. There are a number of national institutions which recognize the virtues of Christian counseling certification, including the American Association of Christian Counselors and the National Christian Counselors Association. RDDIM will continue to pursue all opportunities for our many students aiming towards Christian and pastoral counseling certification.

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What Is RDDIM?

We have created RDDIM as a biblical based, Christian pastoral counseling education and training program that includes over 50 online video lessons of my teaching for Christian counselors, pastors, missionaries and laypeople."

- Dr. Dobbins

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When you complete each lesson, you will receive an e-certificate as well as a downloadable PDF certificate ready to print!