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Module 1: Foundations for Living

You get a different view of a parade when you see it from the Goodyear blimp than when you try to see it through a knot hole in a fence. Life is like that! In these 5 lessons, Dr. Dobbins will teach you the importance of shifting your view of life from the knot hole in today’s secular fence to seeing your life from God’s perspective. The five lessons in this course are designed to give you a clearer understanding of the integration of theology and psychology. They are intended to help you enable people to develop a Biblically sound and mentally healthy Christian faith. They also provide you with the philosophical, theological and psychological perspectives underlying the teaching courses that follow.


101 Expanding Our Search for Truth - $49.95

This is the most important lesson in this module. For centuries, Science and Faith have battled each other over the definition of “truth.” Both can deny you the validity of the other’s point of view. In this lesson you will learn how both Faith and Science can hinder as well as enrich your search for truth. I will be sharing with you my model for integrating Faith and Science. You will then be able to understand how both these approaches to truth can enhance your life.

102 The Healing of the Universe - $49.95

In this lesson you will learn why angels were created. You will learn about Lucifer’s war with God for control of the universe and how the unseen dimensions of these spiritual realities affect your daily life and embroil the human race in Lucifer’s war with God. From the Scriptures I will teach you the eternal purpose of hell and help you discover why the effects of Christ's death impact not just Earth, but the whole creation. You will be challenged to rethink the eternal dimensions of what Christ meant when, from the cross, He said, "It is finished."

103 The Healing of the Mind - $49.95

In this lesson I will teach you the difference between your mind and your brain. You will learn how to make the supernatural practical in the decision making processes of your daily life. You will understand why the saved need to be healed just as the lost need to be saved. I will define practical ways the supernatural interacts with the natural world in your mind. The following questions will be explored: How does your mind relate to your brain? What are some of the mind's functions? How do spiritual forces impact the functions of your mind/brain?

104 Becoming a New Person in Christ - $49.95

In His talk with Nicodemus, Jesus uses the analogy of natural birth to explain spiritual birth. In this lesson we are going to use this analogy in exploring the process that leads you from your spiritual birth to your spiritual maturity. The role of will and choice in this fascinating process will be closely examined. We will also be pursuing answers to the following questions: What does it mean to be "born again?" How does this experience relate to a person's mental health? What is to be different about the way the "born-again" person pursues the decision-making, problem-solving tasks of life?

105 The Mental Health Benefits of Sanctification - $49.95

I cannot over-stress the importance of this lesson! This lesson establishes the role of the Christian counselor as a specialist in applied sanctification. You will learn my Healing of the Mind model which integrates the dynamic, cognitive and behavioral theories of personality and psychotherapy with commonly held Evangelical beliefs. Also, you will be introduced to my Wheel Of Experience model. "Praying Through" is explained as a practical way of changing how you choose to feel and think about the pains of your life. "Divine" and "Demonic" potential are explained in practical ways.



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