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Module 3: Individual Counseling II

This course includes a strong focus on the spiritual qualifications of counselors. People seek help from Christian counselors because they want someone who is not only professionally competent but also shares their spiritual experience. Several lessons include powerful tools in discerning where developmental "strongholds" of the enemy may be found. Since we live in such a sexually toxic society, this course also includes three lessons designed to help you enable your counselees to deal with their sexuality in a Godly way. The subjects are: A Theology of the Body; A Theology of Sex; and, Breaking The Chains of Pornography & Addictions.


301 Your Home - God's Temple: A Theology of the Body - $49.95

In this lesson, you will learn God's purpose in creating the human body. We will also explore the impact of Adam's sin on the human race and discover the wonderful opportunities extended to all human beings through the birth, death, resurrection and return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, we will define practical ways in which a person can make their body God's temple.

302 Sex - A Blessing or a Curse: A Theology of Sex - $49.95

In this lesson, you will learn God's purpose in creating us sexual persons. We will also explore the impact of Adam's sin on the sexual nature of the human race. We will look at what the Bible actually teaches us about sex. We will also discuss why sexual sins are different from other sins. Finally, we will talk about the positive role sex plays in healthy marriages.

303 The Spiritual Qualifications of Counselors - $49.95

Each secular discipline that qualifies you to be a counselor or therapist has its own set of requirements for your education and clinical training. In addition to the secular preparation necessary to qualify a person to be a counselor; what additional spiritual qualifications should the Christian counselor or therapist meet? Several of these are identified and discussed in this lesson.

304 The Biblical Counselor as a Healer - $49.95

How important was spiritual involvement in the healing ministry of Jesus? Why did He commission His disciples to pray for the sick? At what point in the history of the church did prayer for the sick become neglected? What are the theological positions taken toward healing today? Today, what role should the minister or Christian counselor play in the healing of the sick?

305 The Self-Concept: When and How It Is Formed - $49.95

When we are born, we have no ideas about the kind of person we are. Yet, by the time we enter preschool our self-concept is obvious to our teacher. When and how the self-concept is formed is at the heart of this lesson.

306 The God-Concept: When and How It Is Formed - $49.95

When does a child begin to have ideas about the nature of God? Where do they come from? How important are the child's ideas about God to their physical and mental health? This lesson gives you interesting insights into these questions and explains how the God-concept is formed. The wise counselor will use a person's God-concept to change an unhealthy self-concept.

307 A Developmental Approach to Counseling - I - $49.95

In I Corinthians 13, Paul talks about the distorted lens through which each of us looks at life. How do our views of life, ourselves and others become so distorted? Much of our personal history is recorded in the brain before we have developed very sophisticated ways of thinking. This lesson, and the next lesson, are devoted to broadening our understanding of childhood growth and development.

308 A Developmental Approach to Counseling - II - $49.95

Because he is viewed as the father of modern psychology, serious students of counseling need to be familiar with the teachings of Sigmund Freud. Much of what Freud taught is not supported by the Bible nor has it been supported by subsequent research. However, he is the one who gave scientific respectability to the Biblical idea of an evil unconscious mind (Jer. 17:9). The other theorist looked at in this lesson is Erik Erikson whose ideas are much more compatible with Scripture. I still find his Eight Ages of Man to be very helpful in discerning the counselee's emotional and spiritual level of maturity.

309 Breaking the Chains of Addiction: Pornography - $49.95

In this lesson you will explore the growth of the pornographic industry and its impact on the Christian community. We will examine in depth ways the pornographic industry dehumanizes and perverts human sexuality away from this divine provision for a pleasure that binds a husband and wife together for life. The treatment model defined in this lesson may also prove useful in breaking other addictions.

310 Making Jesus the Master of Our Mind - $49.95

Your mind is not a physical organ. It is a dynamic spiritual, mental and emotional process that governs the management of our urges, fantasies and ideas. This lesson spiritually applies material from theories of human growth and development in providing the counselee with practical tools for making Jesus the Master of their mind.



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