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.The Richard D. Dobbins Institute of Ministry is your best option for comprehensive online Christian counseling courses today. All together, we offer over 50 individual Christian counseling courses, separated into six different modules as a part of our total curriculum. No stone is left unturned and any individual can begin with a single Christian counseling course and work towards total mastery and understanding of the field, ready and able to help others.

Each Christian counseling course that we offer is presented in an online format, making it available to interested individuals all across the globe. Our online Christian counseling courses offer a video lesson along with a written outline, and combined you'll find a total educational program which offers unparalleled knowledge, guidance and assistance.

Below is a complete listing of all of our online Christian counseling courses. Take a look at the annotated curriculum for the Richard D. Dobbins Institute of Ministry.

Course 1: Foundations for Living

101 Expanding Our Search for Truth
102 The Healing of the Universe
103 The Healing of the Mind
104 Becoming a New Person in Christ
105 The Mental Health Benefits of Sanctification

Course 2: Individual Counseling I

201 Biblical Psychology in Christian Ministry
202 A Basic Approach to Biblical Counseling
203 Fostering Healing and Growth
204 Using a Case History in Counseling - I
205 Using a Case History in Counseling - II
206 The Use of Scripture in Counseling
207 Avoiding Counseling Traps

Course 3: Individual Counseling II

301 Your Home - God's Temple: A Theology of the Body
302 Sex - A Blessing or a Curse: A Theology of Sex
303 The Spiritual Qualifications of Counselors
304 The Biblical Counselor as a Healer
305 The Self-Concept: When and How It Is Formed
306 The God-Concept: When and How It Is Formed
307 A Developmental Approach to Counseling - I
308 A Developmental Approach to Counseling - II
309 Breaking the Chains of Addiction to Pornography
310 Making Jesus the Master of Our Mind

Course 4: Marriage Counseling

401 Premarital Counseling
402 Counseling the Newly Married
403 Using a Case History in Marriage Counseling I
404 Using a Case History in Marriage Counseling II
405 Sex in Christian Marriage
406 Recovering from Adultery
407 Dual Career Marriages
408 Re-Marital Counseling

Course 5: Special Counseling Needs

501 Crisis Counseling
502 Counseling the Depressed
503 Counseling the Single Parent
504 Divorce Counseling
505 Pastoral Issues Surrounding Suicide
506 Grief Counseling
507 Counseling the Chronically Ill
508 Surviving Child Molestation
509 Surviving Midlife
510 Dealing with the Death of a Child
511 Counseling the Dying
512 Substance Abuse Counseling
513 Anger Management

Course 6: Counseling Leaders

601 The Leader and His Family
602 Couples in Leadership
603 Creating Openness in Leadership – Part I
604 Creating Openness in Leadership – Part II
605 Tools and Techniques in Leadership
606 Equipping Leaders to Minister in a Highly Erotic Society
607 Healthy Pastor—Healthy Church
608 The Use of Pastoral Power: Abusing People Or Setting Them Free
609 Managing the Stress of Changing Pastorates
610 Dealing with Difficult Pastoral Situations
611 When the Leader Needs Professional Help

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What Is RDDIM?

We have created RDDIM as a biblical based, Christian pastoral counseling education and training program that includes over 50 online video lessons of my teaching for Christian counselors, pastors, missionaries and laypeople."

- Dr. Dobbins

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